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в небе над Берлином, своих сбили

Bomber Boeing B-17G-20-BO “Flying Fortress” (proper name – «Miss Donna Mae II»), was hit by a 1000-pound (453.6 kg) bomb from another B-17 in a raid to Berlin. Bombs have broken the left horizontal stabilizer, the plane went into an uncontrollable spin, at an altitude of 4 km due to overload his wings were broken off and he collapsed to the ground. The entire crew perished.

This is the first photo of a series of four pictures – flying bomb to even the whole stabilizer doomed plane.

Plane, from which it is made of the photo – well B-17 (Lockheed-Vega B-17G-30-VE serial number 42-97791, the name «Trudy»). Both aircraft – from the 332-nd Bomb Squadron of the 94th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force USAF (332nd Bomb Squadron, 94th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force).

List of crew members killed B- 17:

1st Lt. Marion U. Reid – commander;

2nd Lt. Lewis T. Carter – co-pilot;

2nd Lt. Roger F. Tessier – navigator;

2nd Lt. Stanley D. Duffield – scorer;

T/Sgt. Lee Z. Kieffer – Engineer/gunner top installation;

T/Sgt. John F. Boone – radict;

T/Sgt. John B. Davis – radar operator;

S/Sgt. Ludwig H. Huth – ball shooter installation;

S/Sgt. Richard E. Brennan – shooter starboard;

S/Sgt. James A. Kalahar – shooter left side;

S/Sgt. Willard M. Christensen – tail shooter.

все погибли



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