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Chuck Winslow’s tank, A-11 burned out (M-48A2C Gas power pack). During Operation Napoleon Saline II/AO Marshall Mountain, on December 1st, 1968, 1/77 Armor was operating west of LZ Nancy at the edge of Area 101. Lt. Winslow (with his boots off), while leading his 1st platoon on a tank trail and was hit by a command detonated mine. SP/4 Dick Cavanaugh was the driver who rescued the wounded William Ramige and Winslow. Cavanaugh was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor.
The tank burned all day. This was Jerry Brown’s first operation commanding A Company. The Battalion CO had assured his new company commander this area very near the LZ had been quiet. Tank Photo by Jerry Brown Dec 1968.

Platoon Leader’s tank stuck in monsoon mud near Bong Son, early 1969. Bumper sticker on gun tube says “Bomb Hanoi”. (3rd platoon, C/1/69 Armor)

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