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The Ruby Plus Ultra high capacity semi automatic pistol,
The Ruby pistol was a Spanish made firearm based off of the FN Model 1903. First produced in 1914, it was unique for its day because its magazine held nine .32 ACP cartridges rather than 6 or 7, which most semi automatic pistols had at the time. The method to increase this capacity was done simply but making the grip and handle longer, thus allowing it to accept a long magazine.
In 1928 Llama took the idea to an incredible extreme by introducing the Ruby Plus Ultra, which utilized a detachable magazine which held 20 rounds. The grip was widened to accommodate a double stack magazine. Furthermore the grip was lengthened even more to accommodate a longer magazine. As a result, the Plus Ultra has a ridiculously long grip. Production was discontinued in 1933 when the pistol failed to achieve significant sales. Often, its long grip made the pistol seem cumbersome and unwieldy.

Rare Spanish Triumph semi automatic pistol with awfully gaudy horn grips, based off of the Mannlicher Model 1901. Produced in the early 20th century.

Savage arms Model 1915 semi automatic pistol with pearl grips.

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